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Jani King

Simon Group

Nova Bus

Virgin Active

Crown Facility Solutions

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Nu-Action 3

(Quickly deep-cleans and degreases any surface).
“The new products have made a huge difference to my working experience. These products have absolutely changed my well-being at work, I am much more comfortable now being able to work unrestricted. These products have also made my nightly tasks easier and as a team we are all delighted to have been the first team in the University to try these products.”

Steven McLaren

University of Edinburgh - Sport & Exercise Nightshift Deep Cleaner

Nu-Bio Scrub

(Spotless restrooms with no soap or scale residues).
“The results have been extraordinary. For example, we can use just one bottle of Innuscience instead of 180 bottles of the previous product. It has been a great way to reduce waste and improve the efficiency of our business. My staff also have a better working environment, which is great to see.”

George Whittaker

University of Edinburgh - Sport & Exercise Cleaning Supervisor


(Easily cleans grease traps, pipes and drains).
“For years we have tried to resolve the odour problem in our client’s docks due to the waste from the restaurant in the building. InnuScience's products not only cleans the environment but have completely removed the foul odours.”

Barry Locke

Jack Boles Parking Facilities

Nu-Karpet Kare

(Clean, odour-free carpets and fabrics).
“InnuScience has become our go to cleaning solution supplier. Our clients are happier, our franchisees clean easier while saving money and have less problems with cleaning from our customers. Their training and support is beyond question and our franchisees are moving accross to InnuScience as they learn about the numerous benefits from using InnuScience.”

Ed Ferris

Regional Vice President Jani King San Antonio
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