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What are Bio Fundamentals?

Over the past three decades, we have developed a world-class R&D and manufacturing facility specialising in screening, isolating, studying and large-scale production of a wide range of specialised microorganisms. Our microorganisms have unique performance profiles, and they can be used to provide effective and sustainable solutions in multiple commercial and consumer applications. 

With the optimisation and expansion of production through continued advances in biofermentation, manufacturing processes and workflow efficiencies, we are able to bring our unique portfolio of biotechnological active ingredients to partners on a large scale. Our capacity to master top quality bacterial cultures ensure product efficacy, product safety, product stability and results consistency.

Our Applications

Application areas

Fish Tanks
Fish Farming
Wastewater Treatment
Pet Care

Macro Technological  Platforms

‘’Macro technological platforms’’ are technologies supporting the development of a broad range of products in a variety of applications (e.g. our bacterial cultures). It can then be subdivided into ‘’technological platforms’’ that are supporting a narrower range of products that share similitude in terms of applications. For example, our odor control product range is a group of different products intended to eliminate bad odors but they have specific formulations for different applications. Still, they use the same technological platform that involves the use of bacterial cultures for odour elimination. Each ‘’technological platform’’ can be further subdivided into many other ‘’specific technologies’’.

From these 31 product-related technological platforms, 18 rely on fundamental knowledge which are unique and difficult to replicate and 16 are strong market differentiators. In collaboration with an IP specialist, we have estimated that InnuScience has developed close to 1000 specific technologies through the past years, cementing our expertise and leadership in the industry.
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Our Technological 

Globally we use three ‘’macro technological platforms’’ for the development of our products. Those macro platforms are:
Specialised Bacterial Cultures
Specialised Bacterial Cultures
Bio-Ingredients (Enzymatic Extracts, Biosurfactants)
Bio-Ingredients (Enzymatic Extracts, Biosurfactants)
Green Chemicals
Specific Technologies
By exploiting these platforms, we have developed 31 technological platforms supporting our entire product offering.
Macro Technological Platforms
Bacterial Culture,
Green Chemicals
Technological Platforms
31 Product Groups,
5 Bioprocesses
Specific Technologies
Close to 1000
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