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What is Justified Disinfection?

Justified Disinfection as a concept argues that effective and thorough cleaning with high quality detergents across all non-critical touch surfaces is as effective, if not more so than widespread use of disinfectants.
By removing dirt and sources of food for pathogens from a surface through rigorous cleaning, the microbial load on any surface can be brought to levels that are not considered harmful. The regular and widespread use of disinfectants does not provide a clean surface and can promote the development of resistant pathogens. Therefore they should be used only on critical high frequency touch surfaces - door handles, keyboards, lift call buttons, handrails etc.

Does Everything need
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Detergent vs Virus

Detergent vs Virus

Detergent vs Virus

It is always preferable to favour high performing detergents over disinfectants to avoid the negative consequences that systematic sanitisation could cause. Here's how surfactants in soap and detergents work against viruses.
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