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What is Biotechnology?
Biotechnology is the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life
Are all InnuScience products Biotechnology based?
Most of our products are biotechnology based. For products that don’t use biotechnology, we only use green chemicals that have the lowest environmental and health impacts.
How do InnuScience biotech products work?
InnuScience products contain specialized biotechnological active ingredients that targets and degrades different dirts and odors caused by different organic matter ( dirts, food grease, body oils and fats, feces, urine, dust, etc.).
Do InnuScience products disinfect as well?
No. Our products thoroughly clean and degrease surfaces and hard to reach areas. Cleaning is the first and most important step before effectively disinfecting surfaces, if ever needed.
Is there an expiry date on your products?
Depending on the quality of the water, the storage temperature, and use conditions, the products will continue to perform for up to 4 weeks. To ensure maximum efficiency, we recommend you dilute a new bottle every 4 weeks.
Since the product is “alive” is it sensitive to extreme temperatures?
InnuScience biotech products do not require special storage conditions. They can be stored under ‘’normal storage conditions’’ which should be away from direct sun, freezing and extreme heat.
Are InnuScience products vegan?
InnuScience products do not contain any animal derived ingredients or animal by-products.
Do InnuScience products contain microplastics?
InnuScience products do not have any microplastics in their formulations or the resulting products.
How do I know if I diluted the product properly?
Our bottles’ labels have a color guide that can help indicate whether the product is overdosed or overly diluted.
Can we mix different InnuScience products together?
According to occupational health and safety regulations set by the government, it is advised to not mix any type of cleaning products. Different InnuScience products contain technology that is engineered to target specific dirt, grease, and organic matters. By mixing our products together, you may risk reducing or even eliminating the effectiveness of the product.
Why do some products foam so much?
There are 2 reasons why our products may foam.
1. The water being used to dilute the product is a soft water.
2. When the water is agitated during filling up the bucket or mopping, foam is created. This has no effect on the result of the cleaning process.
How do you store InnuScience products?
Store your InnuScience products in a clean, well ventilated, and dry environment. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures or in direct sunlight.
Where are your products manufactured and produced?
In order to limit our carbon footprint, our products are manufactured close to our main markets. For the North American market, they are manufactured in Canada. For the European market they are manufactured in Germany and for the African and South east asian countries, they are manufacutered in South Africa.
Cleaners and Degreasers

Nu-Kleen Smell

What is Nu-Kleen Smell used for?
Nu-Kleen Smell is an all purpose cleaner biotechnology based cleaner with odor control for bathrooms. It can be used daily to clean all surfaces found in bathrooms. The biotechnology is made to target all dirts found in bathrooms such as: body fat, feces, urine, etc.
Is Nu-Kleen Smell toxic?
Nu-Kleen Smell is non toxic, no VOCs, non flammable, and pH neutral. Once it is diluted it has zero hazards.
Can I use Nu-Kleen Smell on marble?
Nu-Kleen Smell can be used on all surfaces, including marble.
If I use Nu-Kleen Smell undiluted will it work better?
Unlike chemicals, using Nu-Kleen Smell undiluted will not make it work better or be more effective. The biotechnology is only activated once Nu Kleen Smell is diluted with water at the recommended dilution rates.
Why does Nu-Kleen Smell sometimes streak on glass or windows?
When our products streak, it is a good indication that it is too concentrated. Unlike traditional cleaning chemicals, more product doesn’t mean there is a stronger cleaning effect. We recommend you use a dry microfiber or paper towel to clean.

Nu-Bio Scrub

What is Nu-Bio Scrub used for?
Nu-Bio Scrub is a multi purpose cleaner used to clean scale, rust, soap scum, and other tough stains found in bathrooms. It can also be used to clean and shine stainless steel surfaces.
Is Nu-Bio Scrub toxic?
Nu-Bio Scrub is non toxic. It is a perfect replacement for harsh acids and scrubbing powders used in bathrooms to remove stains.
Is Nu-Bio Scrub abrasive?
No Nu-Bio Scrub is not abrasive and is gentle on all non porous surfaces. Nu-Bio Scrub uses lactic acid to target the toughest stains to gently remove and clean.
Is Nu-Bio Scrub safe for all surfaces?
Nu-Bio Scrub can be used on all non porous surfaces.
Will Nu-Bio Scrub get rid of mold?
No Nu-Bio Scrub will not effectively get rid of mold.

Nu-Action 3

What is Nu-Action 3 used for?
Nu-Action 3 is a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser.
Is Nu-Action 3 toxic?
Nu-Action 3 is non toxic and pH neutral.
Can I use Nu-Action 3 for greasy floors like in the kitchen?
Nu-Action 3 is a powerful degreaser and can be used on kitchen floors to get rid of everyday dirts and grease.
Can I use Nu-Action 3 on finished surfaces?
Nu-Action 3 can be used on all surfaces, including finished surfaces. It will not affect their gloss and durability.
Why has my Nu-Action 3 changed color from green to blue?
This change in color can happen on occasion and should not cause alarm as this does not affect the performance of the product in any way. The color green is made by mixing blue with yellow dyes. When Nu-Action 3 is left open for more than 6 months, the blue dye takes over the yellow dye in the product. If you use less than 20 L in a year we recommend our 4 L, RSG, or 900 ml bottles.

Nu-Kleen All Agro

What is Nu-Kleen All Agro used for?
Nu-Kleen All Agro is a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser that is approved to be used on food contact surfaces. This means it can be used safely in areas where food is handled, prepared and stored.
Is Nu-Kleen All Agro toxic?
Nu-Kleen All Agro is non toxic.
Can I use Nu-Kleen All Agro on my counters where I prepare food items?
Yes Nu-Kleen All Agro is certified Food Safe which makes it safe to use anywhere food is handled, prepared, and stored.
Can you soak kitchen utensils in Nu-Kleen All Agro?
For hard to remove dirts, soak your utensils in Nu-Kleen All Agro.You can also use this product to soak cutting boards. Use Nu-Cycle 6, our hand washing detergent soap. It is safe for all utensils.
Can I use Nu-Kleen All Agro to clean off greasy surfaces?
Nu-Kleen All Agro is an effective degreaser and can be used on all surfaces, including surfaces where greasy food or oils have been prepared or consumed.

Nu-Kleen All

What is Nu-Kleen All used for?
Nu-Kleen All is a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser ideal for daily cleaning of all surfaces in a home.
Is Nu-Kleen All toxic?
No, Nu-Kleen All is not toxic.
How is Nu-Kleen All different from Nu-Kleen All Agro?
Even though Nu-Kleen All is a very safe product, it has not been submitted to the authorities for food contact uses.
Can you use Nu-Kleen All to clean floors?
Yes Nu-Kleen All can be used on all floors to effectively clean, leaving surfaces spotless.
Can Nu-Kleen All be used to clean bathroom floors?
Yes, however it does not have the odor eliminating power that Nu-Kleen Smell has. We always recommend Nu-Kleen Smell to clean bathrooms as it has biotech that is targeted to clean and consume organic dirts found in bathrooms while neutralizing their odors. If you choose to clean bathrooms with Nu-Kleen All, we highly recommend to include Nu SmellPlus in your cleaning routine to neutralize urine odors.

Nu-Cycle 6

What is Nu-Cycle 6 used for?
Nu-Cycle 6 is a super concentrated and pH neutral hand washing detergent soap.
Is Nu-Cycle 6 eco friendly?
Nu-Cycle 6 is biodegradable and has low aquatic toxicity.
Personal Care

Nu-Hydra Gel and Nu-Hydra Foam

What is the difference between Nu-Hydra Gel and Nu-Hydra Foam?
Nu-Hydra Gel is our gel hand soap and Nu-Hydra Foam is our foam. They are the same hand soap with different consistencies.
Do Nu Hydra-Gel and Nu Hydra-Foam dry out the skin?
Nu-Hydra Gel and Nu-Hydra Foam are formulated to clean efficiently without damaging the skin. Our soaps are non irritating and leave the skin feeling hydrated.
Does Nu-Hydra Gel and Nu-Hydra Foam perfumed?
Our Soaps are very lightly and freshly scented.

Nu-Cycle D

How is Nu-Cycle D different from other detergents on the market?
Nu-Cycle D is a super concentrated, pH neutral, phosphate free, and low perfume laundry detergent. Unlike laundry detergents on the market, Nu-Cycle D is formulated to be gentle on clothing by targeting dirts and grease, rather than using harsh chemicals to remove dirts and destroying clothes.
Can we use Nu-Cycle D with any type of washing machines?
Nu-Cycle D can be used in traditional and high efficiency (HE) washing machines.
Can we use Nu-Cycle D with cold water?
Nu-Cycle D can be used with hot or cold water.

Game Over Sport

How does your odor eliminator work?
Game Over Sport contains specialized biotechnology that targets unpleasant odors caused by organic matter (sweat, dirt, and other gross but natural things).
Can I spray Game Over Sport on my clothing?
Yes; Game Over Sport must be sprayed directly at the source of the unpleasant odors.
Will it stain/destroy my expensive sports gear?
No; The bottles are designed to spray a fine mist not to soak the surfaces it reaches. Game Over Sport is pH7, like water, containing no harsh chemicals. It can be sprayed in and on:
  • All shoes- sneakers, sandals, boots, sports shoes, hiking boots, dress shoes.
  • Gym outerwear, sports bra, tops, shorts, jackets, sports kits, socks etc.
  • Sports gear: gloves, shin guards, jock straps, wraps, headbands, helmets, hats, gym bags, shoe bags.
    Bonus Tip: Can also be used on carpets, car seats, couches, or curtains
Will it cause me skin irritation?
Game Over Sport products are hypoallergenic and should not cause any irritation in a healthy person.
Does it contain toxic or hazardous ingredients?
Game Over Sport is non toxic, in the pH neutral range (pH 5-7), certified green, and 100% biodegradable.
What certifications do you have?
We are certified Ecologo. Ecologo Standards are designed so that only the top 20% of products available on the market can achieve certification
Should my sports gear/clothes/shoes be dry before applying Game Over?
No, you can spray Game Over Sport on before hanging to dry.
Bonus Tip: Before washing your clothes, Spray Game Over to remove embedded odors.
Recently most companies claim to have green products, how do we know if that is true?
Most of our products are certified under the EcoLogo and the Ecolabel programs. Having Ecologo Certifications are voluntary, multi-attribute, lifecycle based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing, exhaustive auditing, or both, to prove its compliance with stringent, third-party, environmental performance standards. The Canadian Ecologo (also known as Environmental Choice) helps you identify products and services that have been independently certified to meet strict environmental standards that reflect their entire life cycle — from manufacturing to disposal.
Why not use regular odor eliminators?
Most odor eliminators on the market are heavily perfumed chemicals sold to mask odors. They are harsh on the environment, health, clothing, and sports gear. When sprayed on clothes and gear, the chemicals in them dissolve a layer resulting in the quick wear and tear of the item. The chemicals destroy the item but will not be able to get the smells.

Mister Pookie Shampoo

Will Mister Pookie Shampoo irritate me or my pet?
Mister Pookie products are non toxic and contain no harsh chemicals. They should not cause any irritation to your pets or a healthy person.
Does Mister Pookie contain toxic or hazardous ingredients?
Mister Pookie products are non toxic, in the pH neutral and 100% biodegradable.
Is Mister Pookie cruelty free?
InnuScience do not perform laboratory testing on animals.

Specialised products

Can we use Nu-Trap in an already saturated grease trap?
Grease traps need to be maintained regularly. To take advantage of the immediate result of Nu-Trap, we recommend you start treatment after emptying your grease trap.

Cleaning Process

Can we use the same mop and cleaning clothes for the toilets and hallways?
No. According to cleaning standards worldwide, mops and cleaning clothes for toilets and hallways must be different.

Product Troubleshoot

Sometimes diluted Nu-Kleen Smell or Nu-Action 3 smells strange. Why is that?
There are several reasons why a diluted product may have a strange smell.
1. The water source used to dilute the product.
2. The length of time a diluted product remains in a bottle.
3. The cleanliness of the bottle. We recommend you to clean out the bottle regularly and keep it residue free.
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