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Building on the solid foundations of our existing professional business we have ambitious plans to expand into new regions, markets and sectors through strategic partnerships. Put simply, we want to bring everything we have learnt and developed over the past 30 years and create ventures with partners in new and emerging regions and markets to expand our global business. 
We believe that joint venture partnerships offer both InnuScience and our partner company an exciting opportunity to grow in a way that allows for synergistic opportunities to share and maximise our collective expertise and will deliver a solid platform for commercial success and financial return on investment.

Partnership Model

The Partnership Model at a glance

We aim to create an equal joint venture that allows for both companies involved to build a stand-alone company that brings together initial capital investment to bring the InnuScience business model to life in a new region. This venture would benefit from exclusivity within the chosen markets and sectors within that region.
As part of this venture, we would look to utilise the existing sales and distribution network of our partner, preferably within professional cleaning or a complimentary sector or business. We would create local manufacturing and production facilities to bring InnuScience products to the region in a sustainable manner and prioritise local production to reduce the environmental impact.
Both partners would bring their relevant industry knowledge and expertise to work together to ensure that the InnuScience joint venture is a success.

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Why Partner with us

Manufacturing Excellence
InnuScience has developed a full end-to-end manufacturing capability which enables us to develop bio-ingredients through extensive R&D, but also to create formulations and manufacture products using these bacteria and bio-ingredients, to bring world-class technologies and solutions to our customers.
Technology Innovation
Innovation is core to our mission. We have developed close to 1000 specific technologies from a base of technological advancement which is unique to us, hard to replicate, and offers highly effective and sustainable solutions across a very broad range of applications and sectors.
Market Understanding
Over the years, we have successfully launched multiple brands and over 200 products into the cleaning sector around the world. This is a testament to our highly experienced sales and marketing teams, our thorough understanding of the market, and our ability to position our products across various markets and sectors.
Sustainability is central to everything we do at InnuScience and has been from the very beginning. From the way we select raw materials for our formulations, to the manufacturing process and the way the end product is used, we look for ways to maximise our cleaning performance while minimising our environmental impact.
Industry Experts
Our scientific teams have played a fundamental role in bridging the gap between academia and industry and the advancement of sustainable technologies. We have long-standing relationships with educational institutions, research institutes, and the Canadian government. With their continued support, we aim to educate and shape the landscape for sustainable biotechnology.
Socially Conscious Partner
We strive to remove all risk to people and the environment from the use of professional and consumer products containing harmful ingredients to becoming a forerunner in the global movement towards sustainable use of our valuable natural resources by championing biotechnology.

Let’s make something great together.

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