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Justified Disinfection

Safe and effective cleaning

We have been driving a campaign to raise awareness to inform the industry and our customers of the risks associated with the overuse of disinfectants and that the widespread use of high-quality detergents is more effective than cleaning.
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Be smart and stop
the virus

A few simple steps like frequent proper hand hygiene practices and frequent surface cleaning can be extremely effective at reducing the spread of Covid-19.
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Environmental certifications

Certifications & Accreditations

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The ECOLOGO certification demonstrates InnuScience’s commitment to provide products that meet the program requirements for quality and environmental performance.  Learn More


Ecolabel is one of the world's most exacting environmental standards. InnuScience has a number of products that are certified, and in some cases exceed the minimum requirement for the certification. For example: VOC, CDV, and elemental phosphorous; % of aerobically biodegradable organic substances and % of anaerobically biodegradable organic substances.  Learn More
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Woolsafe and Cleanseal

Nu-Karpet Kare™ is Woolsafe and Cleanseal approved and is the environmentally preferable product for use on wool and synthetic fibre carpets and rugs.  Learn More
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Become a distributor

Sustainable cleaning solutions are in increasing demand in the market. InnuScience offers interesting commercial solutions for distributors with high-quality products and technological solutions on offer.

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Safety Data Sheet

To request a data sheet (MSDS), contact your InnuScience distributor.

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