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Founded in 1992, InnuScience has a vision to change the way the world cleans .

About InnuScience

InnuScience was founded in 1992, since its inception we have had a vision to change the way the world cleans by harnessing the power of nature with the goal of replacing harmful chemicals, eliminating waste and delivering truly sustainable solutions.
In recent years, we have expanded our focus outside of our roots in professional cleaning solutions and are now able to offer our unique biotechnology across a broad range of applications and sectors as well as seeking to partner with like-minded companies who are looking to introduce the benefits of sustainable technology to their products and customers

Our Beginnings

Cutting Edge 
Science Emerges

01 Foundation of Innuscience

Two years prior to the official foundation of InnuScience, two young Canadian scientists and the founders of InnuScience started searching for bacterial cultures presenting a potential for oil and grease degradation at the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Quebec, Montreal (Canada). After visiting a restaurant kitchen, they were shocked to discover that workers were using harsh chemicals as part of their daily routine. These products were threatening their health, damaging surfaces and ultimately threatening the environment and the users were unaware of the risks posed to both them and the environment by these chemicals. These chemicals were not even solving basic hygiene problems – surfaces were still filthy and greasy and floors still slippery.

02 Nature powered cleaning

Our founders believed that by harnessing the powerful cleaning effects existing in our natural environment, they could develop sustainable solutions to replace the use of harmful chemicals; at the same time, developing more effective ‘natural’ cleaning solutions. After developing an effective prototype for the treatment of grease on cooking filters in kitchens, the majority of the resources were invested in the development of bacterial based products to serve niche and speciality applications like grease trap treatment, odour elimination and kitchen hood degreasing.

03 Enzymatic Technologies

In order to broaden our product offering and to gain access to higher volume market segments in the cleaning market, we started researching enzymatic technologies that could be combined with our existing bacterial cultures and provide higher degreasing performances. In 2000 we filed a worldwide patent introducing the first effective biotech degreaser. This technology could outcompete any traditional dangerous chemical degreaser. This important benchmark established InnuScience’s leadership position and opened the door to the development of many other surface cleaning products and technologies.

04 Global sustainable technology solutions

InnuScience has since developed an extensive portfolio of products using advanced technologies, all rigorously tested and quality assured. Each product is unique and innovative with every bacterial strain carefully selected for its exceptional cleaning abilities. This has led to impressive global growth and a new focus to become a globally recognised champion of sustainable technology solutions.

Our Vision & Mission

Making innovative and sustainable biotechnology available to the world.

To harness the power of nature to develop world-leading sustainable technologies, through innovation and biotechnological solutions.
To deliver holistic sustainable solutions as an alternative to harmful products and materials to wherever possible.
To move the market from biotechnologyand associated sustainable applications from niche to norm.
To become the global partner of choice to socially and environmentally conscious organizations and individuals.
To remove all risk on users and the environment from cleaning and associated activities, becoming a forerunner in the global movement towards sustainable use of our valuable natural resources.
To change the way the world cleans.

Core Values

The way we work

Passionate Customer FocusDelivering what we promise with passionate customer focus and sincere professional integrity.
Respect And HonestyUnderstanding the needs of our customers, partners, and wider stakeholders, delivering tailored solutions that meet their needs.
Care for Quality
Prioritising quality for our partners, employees, and for all those affected by our activities.
AccountabilityAccountable for doing what we say and staying true to our core vision and mission.
InnovationContinue our research to maintain innovation and applying creative ingenuity to keep us at the forefront of biotechnology.
Socially Responsible Practices
Creating more socially responsible practices both internal and external to our business.

The Dragonfly

InnuScience and the Dragonfly

Gray Dragonfly

The Dragonfly

This famously bold and elusive insect is often directly associated with clean areas in nature. Most prefer to live in a well-balanced ecosystem, residing in water that is not too eutrophic, nor too acidic, and in air quality that is pure. In areas where there is increased human impact, the Dragonflies are then less likely to be seen. A dragonfly is seen as a mark or indicator as to how clean an environment is.

Hallmark of Nature

Our hallmark is a promise that our biotechnologically engineered effective cleaning products are safer for the environment and pledges our commitment to contribute towards a clean and sustainable future. This mark is the embodiment of what the Dragonfly represents. Whenever this hallmark of nature is proudly displayed on our products you can be assured that your purchase meets the highest standard of sustainability, has a reduced impact on climate change and will not harm our earth.

Cleaning, with Nature

Traditional cleaning products and detergents have a high amount of harsh chemicals that cause damage to the delicate ecosystems in nature. We at InnuScience have endeavored towork with nature, rather than against it. The Biotechnology we use in our products essentially harness the power of nature through living organisms or components of them. These are patented microbial strains, that, together with enzymes and surfactants results in a product that has continuous cleaning action, is pH neutral, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.


Our Successful

Our Plans

Our Future Plans

From the initial vision of our Canadian founders seeking to change the way the world cleans to our global vision to bring sustainable technologies to the world, InnuScience has remained focused on one thing - Innovation through biotechnology. We have pushed the boundaries of what was possible and challenged the norms within our industries.
We are now expanding our focus from the professional cleaning industries, to offer our solutions to the world - across all applications, markets and sectors, to become the global leader in sustainable technologies.

Our global leadership team, technical experts, and research teams are investing in the next generation of sustainable biotechnology to remain at the forefront of the industry.
Our key focus areas are:
Replacing Harmful Chemistry
Replacing harmful chemistry and raw ingredients with sustainable alternatives in the form of biotechnology wherever possible.
Developing Unique Dispensing
Developing unique dispensing methods and revolutionary product packaging that will change the way that we use products and drastically reduce our impact on our environment, natural resources and carbon emissions.
Driving Sustainable Business
Driving more sustainable business and reducing our environmental and social impact through optimisation in manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, packaging, dispensing and product formulation.
Microbial Replacements
Microbial replacements of existing chemical, petrochemical and plant based surfactants and solutions is a key focus area for us.
Educating the World
Educating the world on the use of harmful products and practices and converting them to highly effective, sustainable alternatives.
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